Number 2

Number 2

ISSN L 2713-2218

Volume: 2

Year: 2020

DOI: 10.34986/MAKAO.2020

We are delighted to present the second issue of the Scientific Research and Innovation journal [2020;1(2)]. The problems covered by the six published articles belong to such spheres as electronics, medicine  and environmental science.

Following its policy, the journal accepts the papers featuring multidisciplinary approach or innovative element. Although the editorial board initially provided for quite a broad scopeoftopics, for each individual issue the journal’s teamtends to select the articles which can be distributed among two or three major fields. Thus, the second issue unites into a single environmental science project such articles as Olga B. Sokolskaya et al., Urban green in forest steppe  and steppe zones of Russia: solving the problems and Andrey L. Podolsky et al. Environmental Rationale for Arboraceous Flora Inventory: Victory Park of Saratov and Designing educational nature trails for Kumysnaya Polyana protected natural area, which combine and complement each other’s findings on the flora of Saratov Region to provide an insight into the ability of naturally and artificially grown plants to survive in unfavorable urban surroundings. Apart from that, the articlesoutlines how the local authorities base their urban greening policy on scientific data striving to use the ‘green lungs’ to save the city from mechanical and chemical contamination, and from numerous diseases caused by such environmental foot print. The publication Arkadii V. Klyuchikov. Evaluating volume perception parameters in volumetric 3D display images continues the scientist’scross-disciplinary research in electronics and medical science (ophthalmology) to develop the 3D images generation technology involving unique equipment, and to investigate human perception of such images.This question is further explored by Valerii V. Bakutkin, IlyaV. Bakutkin, Vladimir A. Zelenov in Computer appliance for remote simulation training in ophthalmology and Analysis of the application of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology publications.

The third principle of our policy requires the authors’ team to include young researchers (below 35), and therefore we are pleased to welcome Artem M. Zolotarev, Il’ya V. Bakutkin, Anastasia A. Vergunova, Arkadii V. Klyuchikov and others.

All the publications have been assigned DOI numbers. Scientific Research and Innovation is a full open access journal.


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We continue to collect papers for the next issues (expected publishing dates being October 15, 2020 and December 15, 2020). The articles can be submitted in Russian or English through ScientificResearchandInnovationwebsite:


1. Evaluting volume perception parameters in volumetric 3D display images

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2. Objective Study of Eye Movement in Ophthalmic Practice

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3. Computer Appliance for Remote Simulation Training in Ophthalmology

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4. Specificities of Clinical Manifestations of Generalized Tuberculosis in Contemporary Conditions

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5. Environmental Rationale for Arboraceous Flora Inventory: Victory Park of Saratov

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6. Urban Greening in Forest Steppe and Steppe Zones of Russia: Solving the Problems

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