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Scientific Research and Innovation is a science and technology online peer-reviewed English-language journal issued by the International Consulting, Audit and Education Academy. Journal is suitable for all ages.

The journal is aimed at publishing theoretical and applied research in various fields of science. The journal mission is to promote unique discoveries, ideas and solutions – primarily those in natural science and technology – elicited by cross-disciplinary research and successful academic collaboration. The fields of primary interest include breakthrough technologies and discoveries in different areas of medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, electronics, IT, and economics. The journal looks for and publishes young scientists’ research that yields new insights into nanotechnology, microelectronics, environmental science, artificial intelligence, etc.  Our primary goal is to ensure the compliance of the published articles with the international standards. The other principal objective is to enter Scopus, Web of Science (ESCI), EBSCO,   Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, DOAJ, eLIBRARY.RU, CyberLeninka, and NEICON databases, thus enabling the authors to make their studies available to the international academic community.

Our journal is aimed at both young scientists and renowned experts in the field of natural sciences and technology.

Scientific Research and Innovation is an open access journal with the articles published free of charge, and its users being authorized to use the full texts of the published papers for any legitimate purposes, copying and citation thereof without the author’s or publisher’s prior approval.


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Number 1

Number 1

The first 2021 issue of the journal has been published!

The first 2021 issue of the Journal of Scientific Research and Innovation [2021; 2 (1)] has been published. The Editorial Board and Editorial Council of the journal remain faithful to the chosen policy of the journal – specifically, to support scientific research by young scientists, and publication of their scientific studies in interdisciplinary fields, especially those containing an innovative component.

The first issue of the journal includes five articles, two of which (Transformation of Support Measures for Commercialization of Intellectual Property Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Remote Digital Technology for Diagnosing and Monitoring Eye Condition in COVID-19 Pandemic) are directly related to the consequences of the worldwide pandemic caused by coronavirus infection. This is particularly true for the socioeconomic field.

Traditionally, the journal continues to publish articles on ecology, environmental issues, and ecotourism, issuing a series of articles by Andrei L. Podolsky and Alina S. Degteva. In the first issue, we are happy to present Designing Environmental Education Activities at Kumis Glade Protected Natural Area.

From one issue to another, the journal publishes the results of scientific projects by physicians in the field of ophthalmology, which are dedicated to developing the teaching methodology, as well as studying and examining various eye diseases using simulator devices and information technology. This issue contains the article by Valery V. Bakutkin and Ilya V. Bakutkin, Simulation Training of Practical Skills in Measuring Intraocular Pressure of Human Eye.

The paper by a young research scientist, Alexander Selivanov, Imitation Modeling of the Cutting Force During Turn-Milling, presents the results of a scientific study conducted in laboratory conditions, as well as directly in industrial production.

Of ten authors of scientific publications of this year’s first journal issue, seven are young scientists under the age of 35 years old. These include Anna Ippolitova, Ilya Bakutkin, Alexander Selivanov, Alina Degteva, Sergey Aldashkin, Nailya Nugaeva and Vladimir Zelenov.

We invite all participating and prospective authors to cooperation with our journal! The next issue will be released on April 15, 2021.

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