25 November 2020


25 November 2020

We are happy to introduce to you the third issue of the Scientific Research and Innovation [2020;1(3)] journal.  The journal’s Volume 1 Issue 3 contains 5 publications, namely the review article Review of treatment methods and outcomes in patients with ophthalmic pathology at Piket Sanitarium, Kislovodsk by Lyudmila S. Ryzhova which describes the issues related to combining conventional approaches with the health resort capacities offered by the city of Kislovodsk (Russia) in the treatment of eye disease patients, and four research papers.

Two of the latter cover medical issues: Valery V. Bakutkin, Nina V. Bolotova, Ilya V. Bakutkin and Aldashkin S.Yu. combine findings in ophthalmology and endocrinology in their research Using neural network for remote analysis of the clinical state   in patients with endocrine ophthalmopathy, whereas the mixed team of ophthalmologists and mathematicians Tatyana V. Danilova, Valery V. Bakutkin, Ilya V. Bakutkin, Vladimir A. Zelenov and Yakov A. Klyuev have joined forces to come up with Intelligent System for Retrobulbar Injection Surgical Skills Training. Two other articles explore the unique flora of the Volga territory’s Saratov part and the problems related to ecotourism development. These are Designing Educational Nature Trails for Kumis Glade Protected Natural Area by Alina S. Degteva and Andrei L. Podolsky, and Evaluating Different Methods of Saltcedar Propagation by Cuttings Rooted in Saline Soils of Saratov Oblast Left Bank by Olga B. Sokolskaya, Damir G. Ablyazov and Anastasia A. Vergunova.


All the mentioned papers are in open access.

We continue to collect papers for the next issues (expected publishing dates being January 15, 2021, April 15, 2021, July 15, 2021, November 15, 2021.). The articles can be submitted in Russian or English through Scientific Research and Innovation website: http://innovation.science/ru/dlya-avtorov/

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