Publication Ethics of “Scientific Research and Innovation”

In its editorial policy, the journal team follows the international standards proposed by the Committee on Publication Ethics, as well as joins the Declaration on the Ethical Principles of Scientific Publications adopted by ASEP (Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers, RUSSIA).

The standards of publication ethics apply to the publisher, editorial staff, reviewers and authors of published materials.

Publication in the journal is free of chargefor the authors.

The editorial board does not charge the authors for preparation, placement and printing of their manuscripts.

Publisher’s Ethics

  1. The publisher maintains and invests in scientific communications, and is also responsible for complying with all contemporary recommendations in the published manuscript.
  2. The publisher does not affect the editorial policy of the journal.
  3. The publisher provides legal support to the editorial staff of the journal, if necessary.
  4. The publisher ensures timely release of consecutive issues of the journal.

Ethical Guidelines for the Journal Editors 

  1. The journaleditors are responsible for the content of published materials and acknowledge this responsibility. The trustworthiness of the manuscript under consideration and its scientific significance must at all times underlie the acceptance decision.
  2. The editors do not work with the articles, in relation to which they have a conflict of interest.
  3. The journaleditors publish the final version of the article solely based on the agreement of the authors.


Ethical Guidelines for the Authors

  1. The authors should provide the journal editorial board with complete and reliable results of their study, specifically: obtained and used data, their discussion and scientific value.
  2. The authors are obliged to quote all studies and publications, the results of which were cited.
  3. The reference list should contain all sources mentioned by the author(s) in the text of the manuscript (does not apply to review articles).
  4. The authors pledge that the manuscript and its materials are original, previously not published in Russian or other languages. If the article has already been published, the authorsare obliged to notify the editors and provide the written consent to re-publish from the copyright holder. By submitting the manuscript for consideration, the authors confirm that it was not submitted (or accepted) for publication elsewhere.
  5. Simultaneous manuscript submission to the Journal of Scientific Research and Innovation and other periodicals before the author(s) have received the rejectionnotice is a violation of publication ethics.
  6. Plagiarism is unacceptable. All manuscripts submitted to the editorial board in Russian, English, or some otherlanguages arechecked for plagiarism. Plagiarism includes the use of ideas, methods and results of another author without his or her permission. The authors should not use verbatim copying or paraphrasing of the text and research results presented in the publications of another author.
  7. The author properly quotes his earlier publications and avoids self-plagiarism in the manuscript and artificial increase in the manuscript volume. The editors reserve the right to verify the material using the anti-plagiarism software.
  8. If plagiarism (or self-plagiarism) is detected in already published article, it will be retracted with the motive statement, and revoked from all electronic resources and citation databases where the journal is present.
  9. The corresponding author is required to obtain the submission permissions from all co-authors for the manuscript and all related materials, to familiarize them with the final version of the article, and to guarantee the inclusion of all researchers into co-authors, or else, to specify them in acknowledgements.
  10. The manuscript should indicate all sources of funding for the research.
  11. In the manuscript, the author must indicate any conflict of interest.
  12. When citing an article published in the Journal of Scientific Research and Innovation, the author must provide a link (complete URL) to the journal’s official website.
  13. The corresponding author maintains correspondence with anonymous reviewer via the editor and responds to all arisingcomments and remarks.

Ethical Guidelines for the Manuscript Review

Reviewer responsibilities:

– staying anonymous for the authors; name and contacts are known solely to the publisher;

– notifying the publisher about any conflict of interest prior to the peer review process (cooperation, friendship, kinship, personal hostility, scientific confrontation, etc.), as this circumstance may affect the review objectivity;

– providing manuscript review within a strictly defined period of time;

– holding consultations with third parties on the manuscript issues exclusively with the permission of the publisher;

– substantiatingthe findings and assessment of all major aspects of the reviewed manuscript;

– informing the editorial boardon identified cases of plagiarism or excessive self-citation by the manuscript authors; (the rejectiondecision for this reason is the responsibility of the editorial board and the publisher).

– preventing the possibility of using the data from the peer-reviewed manuscriptfor personal use prior to its publication and without the permission of the authors.

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