15 April 2020


15 April 2020

The first issue of a new scientific journal, “Scientific Research and Innovation” [2020; 1 (1)], has been released. The first issue of the Volume 1 includes nine pubications: a review paper dedicated to description and problems of specific plant zones in Saratov Region (O.N. Davidenko, T.N. Davidenko ON IDENTIFICATION OF IMPORTANT PLANT AREAS IN THE SARATOV REGION) and eight scientific articles from four sections: Medicine, Ecology, Nanotechnology, Agriculture. All materials are in open access.

Call for papers for consecutive journal issues is in progress (the release dates are 07.15.2020, 10.15.2020, and 12.15.2020.). To submit an article in Russian or English languages ​​to the Editorial Board, please follow the guidelines on the “Scientific Research and Innovation” website at: http://innovation.science/ru/dlya-avtorov/

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